Friday, July 22, 2005

Noo Music Scene :: Leamington Spa 1923

After an indifferent week at work, I met captain Rich and Johno down the Pig and fiddle at lunch time - mainly to fill them in with what happened at the quacks earlier today, while they ignored me and watched the cricket. I had to get back pretty early as I had one of my guys going on holiday tonight, and didnt want to leae him in the lurch when I needed to help him. We parted our different ways, gave rich back his WD40 which i had borrowed for 14 months and arranged to meet in the Well later on that day for some festive friday beverages.

They wont get their hands on my lucky charms! *
I got a call about 8pm from Rich saying he was having a wander down, so I set off, and bumped into Johno who said he was going to the Pig and Fiddle for a swift one and we would see each other later on. I half expecting to see Blunty propping up the Wells beer garden table up and Rich just looking unamused about random things - mainly the injustice for the women with idiots. Of course, I get there and Rich is propping up the bar with a bottle of stella and we retire to the beer garden, awaiting our beverage buddies....Turns out Blunty was up town, in Mumbai Bluu, buying beverages and placing his car down as payment, and Johno was staying in the Pig listening to live Irish music - fair enough, each to their own you think - so myself and Rich - and now accompanied by Steve ( from stupid, stupid, stupid and steve ) sat down and put the world to rights - including what we done for a living (Rich, you don't earn 45K), the state of London and musical tastes, then we got kicked inside at 11pm for the beer garden closing.
At this point, anyone in the area who was over the age of 45 walked in, looking shifty and scary - appears there was some Euro Dance Hip Hop Wigga Wigga Woo Trace Night on downstairs - and for some reason it pulls in middle age men having a midlife crisis. After 4 glasses of MSR with DC, I was starting to get miffed (and pretty young looking at this stage) so we called it a day - back before midnight - I am getting responsible!! yay!

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