Friday, July 15, 2005

Pep talk friday

After a long, knackering week, I thought it would be nice to relax by the patio and just chill. I done this, listened to music, I blinked and it was around 7.30, so decided food was probably a very good option at this point, sadly there wasnt anything in the fridge, and lazyness kicked in, so ended up with a Mamma's Pizza from across the road. In between this, Captain Rich asked if I wanted a couple of beers down the Well, to continue the chill aspect, which I agreed and we got down there around 10ish.
I had a bit of a character assasination from someone - labelling me immature and a tw$t - so the last thing I really needed was her turning up to the pub, blanking me all but evil eyes across the beer garden/pub. I totally admit I am immature - I like a laugh, I'm a child trapped in a blokes body, but when you have a full time job, interviewing people on the phone and away from the PC - you dont need this kind of abuse, nor do you really need text messages at 05:20 in the morning saying that she's bored.
Anyhoo, at this point, Rich slips into semi drunk state and decides to lecture me about how I'm an attractive lad, good laugh, good sense of humour and "how the students love a bit of magic steve" - continued by a rant of "why do you fall for the wrong people, you could have the run of the place if you put your mind together". To conclude .... the following equation is now being followed closely. I will not fall, flirt, chat up anyone who is :-
  • Seeing someone / has a boyfriend
  • Mental

Easier said than done!

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