Thursday, July 21, 2005

He's Football Crazy, Football Mad

Believe it or not .. this week has been pretty dull, mainly due to the fact I havent been down the boozer, getting into scrapes and "amuzing situations" when i'm out of my skull. Also, believe it or not, I havent had a drink since Saturday night - which is some kind of minor (read major) miracle.
Instead, I popped down to the gym on Monday, managed a mile of run/jog/run/jog in 10 mins - not bad going really. On top of that, I played 90 mins of football lastnight, scoring once (nice little nutmeg between the keepers legs - sweet) followed by 60 mins of football at lunchtime today - scoring 2, setting up about 3.
Obviously now, I'm hoping that my legs will grow back, after they've falled off today - couple of tablets and a pint of milk - we're sorted. All in all, an exercise-crazy week - now, wheres my can of stella gone ...?

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