Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cold Winter in Dell!

My fantastic and nippy micro system blew up about 3 months ago - meaning I'm doing all my correspondence on my laptop - which isnt great - esp when i've lot the ability of uploading songs to my iPOD and potentially access to my digital photos I've collected over the years. I've been plotting on buying a new motherboard for a while, to replace the zapped and fried one, but fancied upgrading to a PC thats growable - rather than the one PCI slot that this micro system had.
Now Rich got a Dell PC a while back and he's never reported any faults with it, however coming back to me saying its like shit on a stick fast - so I thought I would look up the website - see what they could do with it. Luckily they've got a promotion on (free delivery, 57 quid off for so much spent, a further 57 quid if you go over a certain second price) - so after adding bits to it (DVD RW drive, WinXP Prof, Graphics Card & 1Gb mem) I managed to get a decent price. Now that I've bunged it on my card - I want to play, sadly, wont be here for another 10 days :o(
I didnt go for the 17" TFT monitor - maybe in a couple of months - but it does come with a spanking brandnew black monitor - mmm black monitors!

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