Monday, July 25, 2005

1st Rule of Share Club, You dont talk about Share Club

A couple of years ago, I invested in Newcastle United PLC shares by bunging in 400 quid or something, each share was around 21p. Oh how my mother laughed at me, she made sure that she put her point forward that I would never make any money, and it was a stupid thing to do, and if I wanted a some shares - I should have just got a couple as a fan. However, I very rarely listened to my mother, so armed with my filofax and 80s style cell phone and purchased them.
I've been recieving healthy divi returns ever since, anything from 20 quid to 35 quid every half year - not bad really - pays for a pizza and a couple of drinks - who can complain?
Anyhoo, turns out there is "talk" about some invester coming in and buying the club, bumping up the share price in turn. I know we're not talking Wall Street here, but this is nearly 3 times what I paid for them - and the highest price for about 5 years.
WHO IS LAUGHING NOW MOTHER?!? Technically her, probably

Newcastle Shares as of COB today - looks more like the skyline of NY City
I dont know what does happen if there is a buyout, if the price of shares drop if they payout to take it back into a private company, rather than a public limited company - maybe I need to get some money matters advice from someone, probably Rich over a pint.

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