Thursday, July 14, 2005


The lovely (but smoggy) Helen is leaving towards the end of the week, to return to the rich and prosperous land of 'Boro - where the streets are paved with gas masks and smog. A leaving do was typically arranged, IBM style to allow all her friends and colleagues to send her off and basically an excuse to purchase alcohol. The "gang" started off at the Oriental Star for some grub, where as the sensible three hit Pound Night at the Well for some preJug and Jester beers.
We met up in the beer garden and being socialites, we talked to students new and old, as well as the usual suspects. Beer started to flow pretty well and and the random world of Steve, Rich and Blunty started to kickin as part of Leamington Spa's Summer of Free Entertainment campaign.

Helen - Without gas mask.
Usual suspects : me, rich, cabinboy blunty
The stereo system in the beer garden suddenly changed to "Themes of James Bond" - where myself and Miss MoneyBlunt reinacted the scenes from James Bond - using the medium of ... Beer, fingers and mime. At one point, I tried to do something from the Matrix ... and nearly put my back out - myself and blunty turning around to find people staring at us in wonder.
Bye Helen - you'll be missed.

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