Saturday, July 16, 2005

BBQ Saturday

With the nice weather kicking around, thought it would be a good way to get friends around for our first full weekend together, with vacations and people being away etc - so invited the lovely nomes, mr palin, john-o, his bird, blunty and captain headworth, and a couple of the new/old students. Blunty shyed off, due to be nearly on his death bed from the night before, the students had a birthday to attend, so it was left with, once again, the usual suspects.
BBQ got going nicely, i made my special spuds, Rich kindly brought some crisps that I forgot to pick up and we had a sociable drink. We chatted, nattered, set tea lighters off down the canal, which then sank sadly (need to plan here) and continued to drink, and listened to music and stared into the night. Rich and I took some photos, so be interesting to see how they went.
We went inside, continued to chat and listen to music, then Rich,Nomes and Andy left, leaving me, Johno and his lass too talk for 20 or so minutes, then they left. Once again Nomes done a fantastic job of clearing up, without anyone noticing - so thanks Nomes.

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