Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cocktails and Chat

One of the girls from lastnight - from the Feta Cheese situation - talked to me at the bar. Not the actual one who said it, luckily - this one was pretty fit. I tried to work out who she was with, boyfriend, friends, husband, freaky little green alien maybe ... you just never know. Anyhow, we got talking and turns out she's called Emily, lives in Bath and works for Clares Accessories while not at uni - which is pretty cool - she's also with her mate (Becci) and Becci's brother and mate.

She asked what I was reading, only for me to reveal a Dr Who book and probably scared her away - but she was nice about it and returned to table, leaving me to blush a lot and recap in my own head what I said, and if I was embarressing.

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