Thursday, June 23, 2005

Flying High, Legs Low

After John and Debbie kindly dropped me off at the airport, I headed to checkin - a little worried that the queue was pretty small, and got worried that I just made it - not exactly the best way to start a holiday - but hey, at least I made the flight this time. After checkin, went via security, then to the departure lounge to get a swift pint to cool my pre-flight curves. I was half way through a pint of carling cold, when the boarding of the flight was called, so left the rest.
When I got on the plane, it became clear that checking in last, has its disadvantages, when I got to the seat, in front of the toilets (Row 30) - meaning I couldnt recline the chair, but hey, I was on holiday and nothing was gonna knacker that up. The couple sitting to the left of me joined, we said hello, I opened my FHM and left them to it. Half way through, my new co-flight-buddies were starting to annoy me when they complained about the seating, I didnt bother - the airhostesses have enough of a job to do, than trying to relocate two moaning gits around, they moaned some more, but I chilled, the guy got relocated to the back of the plane.
We get to Rhodes airport, and was quite suprised that the process was pretty easy to get from passport control -> baggage reclaim -> coach -> resort. This might be just because I was tired and didnt really care due to my holiday mood, or just relief from getting away from the co-passenger family from hell - but felt quick anyhow.
The information I got from the travel agents said that the transfer was quick, although the disadvantage that overhead aircraft noise was frequent, but hey - 10 mins between airport and my temp home of Emerald Apt Hotel was cool - only to get the usual overview of;
  • Drink lots of water - bottled, not tap
  • apply suntan lotion
  • dont run around the pool
  • "if you dont like spicy food at home, chances are you wont like it away from home"
  • dont put your bog paper down the bog, but in the provided bathroom bin
  • Greek's dont use large towels, because they can allow the growth of bacteria
  • Greek's dont have baths for the very same reason

We arrived at the Apts, only to be put in front of the grumpiest looking Greek man, ever, who checked us in, took our passports off us, and showed us to the room. It turns out that this man has a job during the day, and does the night shift at the hotel and turned out to be very friendly - great huh ?

By the time we were shown to our rooms, it was around 3.30am Greek time, so time for a snooze, only to be woken up 3 times by plains flying overhead - but hey - holiday starts here!

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