Saturday, June 18, 2005

Peace Off!!!!!!

I've lived in Leamington for a number of years, and certain gatherings and get togethers either appeal, or dont. One of which is the Peace festival, historically (mainly because I drink at the nearest pub to where the festival is hosted) its always appeared to be a weekend for not washing, taking drugs, wearing TieDye (so wrong), hugging trees and preaching stuff to people who dont really care. I got the feeling that Debbie also felt this way about the whole two day event, but because they are kind neighbours (and always up for trying new stuff) I said I would come down and keep them both happy - and to protect John from buying TieDye tshirts. We got down there and it was a lovely day, so much so, I even wore shorts, tshirt and trainers, but stupidly didnt take any suntan lotion.
After bumping into Andy P at his stand to free some Shrew from a cave in Cornwall or something, we managed to get some Indian food (3 quid chef special, consisting of Pakora, etc) which was nice - and we sat in the sun, and listened to music on the stage. One of the dudes singing was class, so much so his lyrics made me laugh and my stomach hurt. "If I was a Taxi, I would drive you into town, If I was an alcoholic, I would be your bitch" and such like. Gav turned up and people started to get a little tearful that he was leaving to Africa to do "Chaarity work", but I give him helpful tips on how to survive - nibbling on your leg with your lips for example, if you get stuck in a rock fall, torturing your captured enermy, by nibbling on their legs with your lips etc.
After so much heat, that my eyes were melting, myself and Debbie decided to walk home - only via the pub for a swift drink of Carling - feeling light headed, we ventured to somerfield to get icecream.
I got back and washed my kitchen and bathroom floor, followed by washing the roof of John and Debbie's conservatory as it was getting on my nerves. I got so far, then John turned up, suggesting that we tape more than two ends of poles together - making it work - even in our heatstoke like minds - his worked - thus John and Debbie now have a clean conservatory roof.

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