Monday, June 20, 2005

"I hope you had the time of your life" - I did, thanks!

Sunday afternoon was the big day, a day I've been looking forward to for months. Mr Bellis (to his colleagues and friends - only because we're scared of him) was taking his daughter (and her friend) to see Greenday at the MK bowl, and asked if me and punk rock headworth, if we fancied going. I've always had a soft spot for Greenday from my metal days, so was quite looking forward to rekindling my youth and getting hip and street with the youth of today. Added to the bonus that one of the "lads" at work had promised to get VIP tickets due to his "networking and contacts" he had, which would involve free booze all day. He had promised us these passes for a couple of months now, and geting closer to the date, it was looking less likely, but we still had that candle of hope burning in our eyes.
Captain Bellis was due to pick me and Rich up around 2.30pm - so thankfully after lastnight, I had the chance to recover and get my brain in gear. Prompt as always (Warning - not so prompt) Bellis picks us up and we head down the motorway, sunroof open, windows open, burning my already sunburnt arms, so I applied suntan lotion, feeling sticky and returning to my glazed look. Still no sign of tickets - we still hoped ... just maybe....
We managed to find a parking space on the 3rd approach into the Plaza, and headed like sheep towards the bowl, we entered the bowl, only to find that the only places of shade, where the bogs or the bushes which were makeshift bogs. Still we hoped about tickets, still nothing - by this point myself and Rich already had 2 pints each and heading towards 2 hotdogs. Jimmy Eat World were on stage, of which I knew about 3 songs - hip and street Wharton returns. The below photo is part of the stage that I took with Belli's camera - nice!

Stage, pictured centre, but actually was left.

I've been to many gigs before - some have impressed me, some havent, I've been to see Guns N' Roses, Faith No More, Therapy?, Space, Bluetones, and most importantly, Collapsed Lung, yet when Greenday came on ... fantastic from start to finish. It was more of an entertainment, than a band coming on, standing there, strumming because they have to be there to get their beer money for the next 20 years. These guys were good, very very very good, entertaining and singing wise. They kicked off with American Idiot, dipped into some of the album, went into the back catalgue, playing Basketcase, and back into the recent album. The biggest cheer and reaction was when they played Lulu's "Shout". England is now, apparently, the "official home" of Greenday!
After the gig finished, we managed to loose Bellis' daughter and friend, and searched the bowl for them. One thing that disappointed me, was the lack of concern by the "staff" who, and know they want to get home, just wanted to kick us out, not giving a damn that two early teens were missing. "I'm sure they'll show up, now can you move on please" was one reaction - helpful, esp in the current climate. Luckily they turned up after walking around looking for AB. We walked about 25 mins to the car, managed to find a "quick" route, spending 2.5 hours in the car trying to get out of MK, getting into bed just after 3am, having to be up at 7.45 to get into work to meet a new starter.
Conclusion - fantastic day out, fantastic music, had a laugh, became young again.

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