Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Morning After

Like Faith No More's lyrics suggest;

Awakened by the sun light
Victimized by last night
Memories flashin'
through my head
Was I just born or am I dead?
Yesterday's forgotten, the morning after
Sunday morning wasnt good, one by one, those who attended the BBQ lastnight logged onto MSN, slightly changing their name to death, slow & hungover related topics. Once I managed to get my head together, I walked into the livingroom - glasses everywhere, then into the kitchen, more glasses, so many glasses - I didnt think I had that many, maybe I didnt and other people turned up. Turning around, 9 empty wine bottles, half a bottle of southern comfort drank, three quarters of MSR drank, empty cans of carling - carnage, thats all it was. After forcing water down my throat, I managed to speak to Rich to find out what time Captain Bellis was picking us up to go to the gig, luckily this was 14:30 - so had time to clean up, get my act into gear, get showered and phone the folks. Hayfever kicked in -- making the very close possibility that I was snoring lastnight based on the fact I could hardly talk, even worse.
I managed some orange juice and chocolate brownie and ponderd with the News of the World - why do I ever drink! Fantastic night tho!!

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