Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Barry and Nicky were leaving tomorrow afternoon after their 1 week away in the Emerald Apts, so it was decided that we would go out for a nice little meal celebrate the hello and goodbyes. Chris and Bonnie who were present at the BBQ and sing song lastnight also came out with us for a meal. We started off at the "Lovely" bar, where we giggled for a couple of hours while supping on cocktails, then headed towards the Ideal restaurant for some steaks and Greek salad. Entertaining night, we then headed off to the apt's for a couple of drinks from the bar, where I started to call Dom "Captain" much to his delight, who started to call me it back - strangely enough. "Yammas Captain" would be the phrase everytime I ordered drink - made me laugh anyhow, well so much so it continued all throughout the holiday.

Bonnie and Chris (Tanned Freddie Starr lookalike)

At this point, I'd been sleeping around 10 hours a night, and around 1 or 2 hours in the afternoons, starting to get back to the Wartburton of old - refreshed, bright eyed and bushy tailed. However getting a reputation of "The Lad who is always in bed". At this point, my sunburn from the Peace Festival in Leam was fading and I was going back to pale colours - a little worrying, considering I was using factor 15 in mid 30 oC temp for 5 hours a day.
Still receiving the same text message from Blunty, around 9 today.

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