Thursday, June 09, 2005

"boss" meets Boss

I try not to talk about work on here, just on the off chance someone reports me to management and I get the sack, however this story is far amusing to be left off the Internet. Basically my boss decided to come to Warwick to talk about the work stack and career progression and we had a chinwag outside in the sun while he recieved a few phone calls. He was asked by one of the colleagues to go collect a couple of laptops from some dude in Warwick, and asked if I knew him, of course I didnt - so we set off wandering the corridors of the location looking for someone who might know. Anyhooo we end up around Rich and John's desk area, and still couldnt find this dude, so my boss asks if I knew anyone who might have access to our employee directory - so suggest Rich might.

[ ME ] - Rich, Can you do me a fav mate, look someone up on
[ RICH ] - Do I look like your f*cking bluepages Bitch
[ ME ] - Rich, have you ever met my boss, Mike ?
[ RICH ] - Shit, eer whats the name again?
[ BOSS ] - Have you ever read the business conduct guidelines mister?

Anyhow, guess you had to be there to find it amusing - Rich certainly was quiet at the pub at lunchtime.

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