Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lovely, Oh My God, Bravo

True to their word, Nicky and Barry arranged to meet me in the hotel bar to explain what we were up too. Basically they had gone out lastnight for some food, they found this place, really looked posh, and just around the corner from the beach.
When they went in, the guy on the door asked where they were from, on replying that they were from England, the guy then slipped into stereotypical english with phases from "only fools and horses". When they ate their food, the guy came over and presented them with "Lovely Salt", "Lovely Pepper", "Lovely red sauce", "Lovely Pizza", "Lovely Beer" and "Lovely Cocktails". When Barry asked for a Pizza the previous night, the guy asked if he would like fruit salad on it as well, to which Barry kindly declined, but the guy turned to him, "I make your pizza with my cheese, my bread, my tomato sauce" - meanwhile, in the background, there was a microwave doing overtime

We got there, and to be fair, it did look pretty impressive - and probably would have suited being a sports bar, or such like - but we sat down - almost immediately greated by "My Lovely Friends, What would you like to drink ? Lovely Mythos?"

After speaking to him and trying not to piss out pants from what he was saying - out came "Lovely Jubbly" to which we all bend up double laughing.
We returned to the hotel - still laughing and ordering more beer. Suppose you had to be there

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