Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Friday On!

After my "power" sleep, I returned to my PC just incase anyone had tried to catch up with me - indeed, Debbie asked if I was interested in joining John and Debbie for a Curry somewhere in town. Part of me just wanted to go back to sleep and curl up in a ball, part of me thought if I do that, I'll be up at 2am not being able to sleep, and part of me thought it would be a really really good idea to get out and about. After Wednesday night's drunken take-away curry fest, I was interested in trying something different to the norm, but due to my brain stopping around Wednesday, I went on autopilot. Of course, I ended up having the usual, along with a pint of Cobra, which went down, in fact, probably woke me up a little.
We ended up in the Jug and Jester for a friday night bottle of wine between myself and Debbie, and John had a fantastic pint - we chatted, we chilled out and more importantly, we laughed and talked about Dr Who and the Big Wolf topic. Myself and John have been trying to dig around so much about it - guess its one of them things that if you look at something to closely, you cant see it, step back and its right there. But it wasnt right there - that was the annoying thing - but its fun trying to guess - and probably very sad to people who dont watch Doctor Who.
On return to John and Debbie's - we went via cost cutters to get a bottle of wine and we sat down to watch Big Brother eviction night. I had opened a bottle of wine the night before and also brought that around, John and Debbie also had a bottle in stock previous to the purchase, so we were well up on booze - thankfully. Big Brother was entertaining - loads of shouting, slagging off, hatred - basically like a Winlaton afternoon on pension day. We watched Johnny Vegas again, with the fab "celeb lockin" reality TV sketch - we managed to finish all 3 bottles of wine - and I needed sleep, so wobbled off home

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