Saturday, June 11, 2005

Doctor Yay!

Certainly one of the best episodes of Doctor Who I've ever see. It had everything, action, comedy, hurt, love and most importantly, the return of the Daleks. I wasnt too sure with the reality tv theme at the start when I first saw the previous weeks trialer, but managed to move the story along quickly and link into the Game Station.
I opened a bottle of wine previously to the episode starting, I never touched a drop for the full 45 mins, thats how much on the edge of my seat I was.
Highlights to the show was the Doctor standing up to the Dalek's demands, then going on some rant about how he's going to save Rose, save the Earth, destroy the Daleks - without a plan - which "scares the Daleks to death" - Bit like an average day at work then really.

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