Saturday, June 04, 2005

Cutting It!!!

You may or may not know, but the BBC Drama Show, Cutting It returns to the screen on Tuesday (BBC2 9pm). I was also involved in some kind of hair dressing / styling sham on Saturday when Captain Rich called me up (we'd previously arranged to go for a sociable cup of tea in starbucks.)
After months of tempting the lad to getting a 21st century style hair do, he strangly phones me up, announcing that he's in Boots looking at the hair products and "what was that stuff you were recommending I put in my hair". After taking the mic for 2 mins and suggesting "Just for Men" I said I would come meet him, because the "Just got out of bed" style Gel is a little hard to find to the untrained eye. After humming and harring a little at the price, and finding my "getting my eyes back into white campaign" eye gel he agreed to pay the price and we went for a cuppa.
We arranged later to go out for a couple more sociable drinks, have a chin wag, when I notice he'd applied this Gel, but probably not in the correct manner. Now Rich was Slick Rick, and looking like something between a World War II American pilot and Barbie's boyfriend Ken.
Back to square one then

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