Saturday, June 11, 2005

We're all going on a summer holiday

I dont mind clothes shopping for holidays, I hate getting the essentials - you know, Suntan lotion, bug killer, tablets etc. Takes most of the fun out of the shopping - and I love shopping - with a passion, so after 25 mins in Boots, hanging around the "suntan lotion" area - I just didnt know what to get. I know the basics, get a high one for a couple of days, then gradually go down in factors. (Yes, you know it - I'm aiming for a tan this year*)
Anyhooooo, a further 10 mins later, and 50 quid lighter, I walk away with the biggest bag of lotion, aftersun and other holiday essentials. I'm also a sucker for "new" or special editions of things - I am a Promotional Junkie to be fair (as he's drinking his Diet Coke with Lime) - So this year I'm armed with
  • Calamine lotion (no, I dont know either).
Why is suntan lotion so expensive anyhow ? its cream - we all need it - so why does it cost so much ?

I bumped into Geordie Mike and his lass in the street, who asked "Why do you have pink hair?" - after palming the blame onto Debbie, I escaped into WH Smiths with a few of buying some books for holiday, but didnt - might have to chat to Rich about borrowing some of his fiction.

Couple of tshirts, books and mags - and we're wired for sound!

* Warning :- Tan maybe Eggshell White

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