Saturday, June 04, 2005

MSR - Diet Coke, On the Rocks

After Thursday nights episode of Stefan "Crazy Twitchy Eyes" Warburton, I had a decent night sleep and got up at a early to get on with work. To continue the theme of Happy Friday, John, Debbie and myself indulged in a little bit of Zizzi, which is the first time I've experienced such a pizza establishment and first impressions were that it was very friendly. The weather was a little strange all day, which only added to the heat of the open furnace making the place like a virtual BBQ. After a nice meal, friendly waitressing and general chit chat with the lovely neighbours, we walked over to Lounge for a quick drink. We parted our ways, John and Debbie going home to watch Big Brother and Johnny Vegas, and I meeting up with my "partner in crime" Captain Rich of Chesterfield.
Blunty (who wasn't there tonight) introduced me to a nice drink - Morgan Spiced Rum, with Coke (I changed it slightly to Diet Coke) - but its a nice little drink that you can sip all night - and not get drunk at all. Of course, after 3/4 of a bottle of wine, this theory was probably completely out of scope as the drunken night, got longer and I grinned a lot. Highlight of the night was Rich digging a hole by the second, for example:
[Girl] "I've been suspended from work"
*insert 20 mins*
[Girl ] *CRIES*
I think somehow I've also annoyed / narked the lovely barmaid off as well, or perhaps its just a bad night, but didn't get the normal flirty bouncy chitchat that I normally get - but then again,, I was probably a jibbering mess in the corner thinking I was sober as anything.
I received two text messages, one from each of John and Debbie, giving me the answer to who got evicted from the Big Brother House. All I can say, is that I'm disappointed by one of them, no one likes lies, and we all know that baby Jesus cries when lies are told!
For some reason, even after a starter and main meal in Zizzi's, I still managed to end up with "The Well's after hours food parcel" consisting of Cheesy Chips.
Entered Coma at some point

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