Friday, June 24, 2005

Rhode to no-where

After hanging around the pool all day with Barry and Nicky - we retired back to the bar and got talking to Dominic and Theo (the two barmen) - Dom is a young Greek who obviously has an eye for the ladies, where Theo was originally from Italy, a little older and married - but all very friendly. I started calling Dom, "Boss" which he laughed and started calling me back - strangely enough, but it was funny to be part of the entertainment. They had a PA system hooked up to a CD player, sadly, they only had a select few CDs - one of which was the Crazy Frog, which brought alot of anger to alot of people - still, they had 80s, 90s and loads of chilling music - just what you want.
Barry and his missus were only there for a week, so were up for doing stuff, but were friendly and invited me out as much as I wanted. I thanked them, but told them why I was out there, what I wanted to do (involved ipod, beer, food, sun and sleep mainly), but they still offered, which was fab. They went out to get some food, leaving me to chill at the bar and slowly getting drunk on local beer & wine. When they returned, they couldnt stop laughing and promised they would show me tomorrow night - still giggling away, they retired to bed. I went in the opposite direction and headed towards mine

Nicky, me and Barry
Still receiving texts from Blunty!!

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