Friday, June 10, 2005

Happy Friday Off

I had today off, mainly due to the fact I could barely keep my eyes open most of the week and slowly getting more and more exhausted. Some of this is due to work, some of this has to do with burning the candle at both ends. I slept in til pretty late on - well around 10:45 ish - and spoke to Rich where he said they were thinking of having a couple of friday lunchtime beers. Not wanting to waste my day off, I was a little dubious, but still met up for some lunch and a quick Fosters. John O, Shammy Shamster Fursal and the lovely Vicky were all in place, just like the pic n' mix fitures at Woolworths.
Paid my Newcastle United PLC shares into the bank (13 quid - for an original investment of 400 quid - not bad when you consider other companies - Man Utd, some IT based companies - etc) and met up for another quiet one * in the Lounge. At this point I was getting a little dizzy, so decided to go home and pop back to bed for an hour or so.

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