Saturday, June 04, 2005

Is the end nigh ?

From an early age I loved Dr Who, maybe it was the tension, maybe it was the twists and turns - I had a Dr Who and TARDIS for one of my birthdays when I was a child - that's how much I enjoyed it. I've been awaiting the new series for eons and now its arrived, we've blinked and its nearly finished - with only two episodes left. A sneak preview of next weeks reality TV/return of the Dalek had me on edge - I don't care what anyone says, but I loved the battle between the Daleks and the Doctor - only one thing used to scare me more than the Daleks - and that was The Master.
I mentioned to anti-Who Rich at the start of the series that I was a little disappointed that it wasn't all one story - like in the olden days - where you had 8 episodes together, which made you sit down and watch it, but now I stand corrected. It appears that in all the episodes, there has been a link - "bad wolf" being one of them, all the way - even the website is scary! (Hit Ctrl-A on this link)
I so cant wait for next Saturday (probably only to be interrupted by work) - anyhow, myself and Captain John next door have been intrigued by the "teaser" - and came across a number of sites - claiming to decipher the meanings - including;
  • Adam is in fact Davros (Dalek Leader)
  • Adam is the creator of Davros and the Daleks
  • The TARDIS is actually a weapon
  • The numbers that have been used throughout the series are the phone number to vote The Doctor out of "Big Brother"

John came across the following link which may give more of an answer than anything. I've already read somewhere that The Doctor goes missing/"killed", leaving Rose to escape and navigate safely using the TARDIS. Lets pray that K9 pops up somewhere - so pleased I dont miss the very last episode due to holidays!

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