Wednesday, June 29, 2005

changing of the guard!

Well, Barry and Nicky left today - as soon as they walked out the door, new comers walked in - guess thats the magical world of of tourism. I was sitting at the bar (as you do) when most of the london based newcomers came in - at this point, I had a Greek Salad and a Mythos in my hand - when two strange girls walked up (well not really strange) when one announced that she has a *thing* for feta cheese. Of course, all I could do was laugh as my dirty mind hits gutter level - strangely enough - these girls just walked off, looking at me with strange looks.
Seems strange without Barry and Nicky being around - empty, almost - strange how you can make friends very quickly, without knowing them. Chris and Bonnie asked me to go to Rhodes Town tomorrow, I kindly declined stating I would be doing the usual tomorrow.
Still recieving text messages from "rate card terrorist blunty" - only around 5 today

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