Sunday, June 19, 2005

BBQ & MSR & TMB (too much booze)

As mentioned below, I invited the usual suspects around (Rich, Cabin Boy Blunty, Nomes, Andy P, John, Debbie, Lush Helen, and Shim-shimminey-shim-shimminey-shimshim-shasham Fursal) - after previously getting burnt at the festival this afternoon, it was nice to just sit in the shade and relax. John and Debbie had plans elsewhere, but still managed to come around for preBBQ/preWho beers, Blunty went to a BBQ with his sister, and Fursal/Helen went to another BBQ.
Eventually, the usual suspects turned up, "healthy Rich" with his burgers, and stella -- Andy P and Nomes with their healthy option and wine. Halfway through setting up the BBQ and cooking my special spuds, 4 of the students walked along the canal on their way to the tiller pin, so I kindly suggested the popped over and got some beer - rather than going to the boozer. Fursal was with his real missus, not the fake one, Hayfever Boy Jason from football was also in tow with the above, and someone else who I recognise - but they were all welcome anyhow.
I was in the process of sorting my spuds out, when the phone went and my boss on the other end, asking if I was busy (yes) and if I could attend some conference call at 9:45. I told him that I was under the influence of alcohol, so much so, that speaking was becoming a problem - but he said it would be OK, and no customers were on. After 10 mins of trying to switch my phone on, I get on the conf call, only to find my Boss's Boss (the dude who first give me my interview) and he asked how I was, so suggested I was at a party and a little wasted, to which he laighed. Rich decided to play the goat, coming through shouting if I wanted more booze and I should hang up from the f**k**g I*io*s, but repeating it again and again, so much so, that 2nd line mgmt decided to guess who was there - and getting it wrong completely.
The booze flowed, so much so that the students went to the offie to get more in, and they returned and the booze flowed even slicker. We ran out of wine supply and I got my spirit cabnet out (Warning :- consists of 5 year old aftershock, whisky, spiced rum and southern comfort.) and made the students nice drinks. Mainly consisting of a pint glass, 1/2 coke, 1/2 spirits, tripple shots of Aftershock and far too much wine.
At one point of the night, most of the party were singing Gold, sadly without the aid of "Singstar" or the words, leaving Rich to stage dive the patio with the aid of alcohol, no crowd and narrowly missing a large concrete slab, thanks to miss fursal. The party was cleared up (mainly thanks to Nomes - cheers, you're a star!!) and disbanded around 00:30 (i think) - only to leave me to a coma, waking up in the middle of the night with a "teddybear dog" (called Cat) staring into my eyes.

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