Thursday, June 23, 2005

Introduction to the local culture

After a shower and trying to keep cool (my bedroom was sun facing first thing in the morning), I wandered down to the bar area, to be faced with a pretty large sized swimming pool, with the typical sunbeds around it - it looked nice, clean and posh. I picked up a bottle of water and ordered scrambled egg on toast with a cup of tea - was very nice. I got speaking to a couple of the waiters and the manageress who all seemed very friendly.
The introduction was timed for 11:30 and some yorkshire sounded rep came in - give us the usual talk;
  • drink lots of bottled water (not from the tap)
  • dont run around the pool
  • apply loads of suntan lotion
  • busses are rubbish, so get taxi's - so much easier
  • where the local cash machines are
  • what tours they had etc
I applied the loads of suntan lotion and took my ipod, book and sunglasses to the pool side and started to sunbath, relax and chill. I didnt intend to do much over the holiday, mainly due to the fact I aint had a proper away holiday for 2 years (bought my flat last year and couldnt efford it) - and just wanted time out from the manic world of technology and team leading.
I had lunch and a pint, where I met a charming little fellow, Barry, at the bar, after talking and buying each other the local draft beverage, I was introduced to his girlfriend, Nicky, who again was very charming. Barry and myself had a couple of more pints, and retired to our sunbeds, only to fall asleep for about 60 mins around 4pm - but luckily applied loads of high factor sun lotion.

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