Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sombre times call for sombre drinks

The last month or so has been a little rotten at work, some could say - and thats all I will comment on the history of it. Everyone in our department had or will be having a phone call stating if they are at "risk" or not - again, thats all I will say about it. Luckily, myself, my immediate team are "not at risk" as well as some close friends being "not at risk". Some other people arnt and wont be so lucky - so all I can say is good luck with things.
John and Debbie asked if I fancied going out for a drink and some food, so we ended up in King Babba's for a nice curry and a beer, moving into the Well for a quiet pound night, then hooking up with Rich, Nomes, Andy P and Text-tastic Wendy in TJs. Only Rich was drinking, so I think he was thankful that we turned up to help him along. Mood was a little down and strange, we all know a handful of people who are "at risk", so albeit happy for ourselves, we're obviously concerned.
Roll on tomorrow ... for getting out of dodge for different reasons - holiday.

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