Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We're all going on a summer holiday - well, just me, not you!

I'm on holiday now for two weeks - I fly out later this afternoon, thankfully I double and tripple checked and found the tickets for the holiday under a massive pile of mail. The first bit of mail I had suggested only taking the final invoice along - suggesting to me it was some kind of new-wave-internet ticketless scheme - thankfully I'm switched on.
I spent a couple of hours in town today, getting final items, money for example, and picked up a few nice to haves, and bumped into John-O and Rich for a swifty. I only had a coke and some food due to the fact of being doped up on hayfever tablets and still feeling minging from lastnight.
Next stop, Rhodes (via Birmingham Int) - massive thanks to J&D for sorting me out with this.

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