Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chelsea Football club, Chelsea Buns, Now Chelsea in Leamington

After the Champions League* game lastnight of Liverpool Chelsea (*Warning, Champions League doesnt play host to Chesterfield nor Newcastle United) - and the obvious way it was going to be 0-0 at full time (well, only to Captain Johno who had money on it- while I had 2-1 and Rich had 3-0), its time for a different Chelsea. No, not the flowershow either, but Captain Scott has his bird flying over from Canada to stay with him. YAY! I've never actually met her, but she's in for a surprise after I flat shared with Scott for 6 or so years!

Chelsea - not really named after a simple minds record.

Anyhooo, welcome to the UK and our quirky ways - we drink tea here, dont you know - and wheres my maple syrup!!!

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