Saturday, September 24, 2005

101 things to do before you die :: Sports

I bought a book a year or so ago, in an attempt to continue *that* crazy side of my world, as well as adding a motivational side to a spiralling crap mentality that most IT employees are faced with - work work work, when you've worked - you work a little more. Anyhoo, yesterday we had what is now classed as my fav time of the week - the two hours of work where I get paid not to take shit and play football with random colleagues. It works pretty well, you get to warwick around 12:20 - we kick off at 12:30 - and we play, roughly for about 120 mins - or how the mood sets us.
Anyhooo, yesterday, we were playing bad - its commonly known that I hang around midfield most of the time, as part of that, we have the ability to have a counter act, the downfall is, you have one man less marking an attacker - but, being from newcastle, you cant have the defensive mind - simple as that. There was one lad who turned up, lost the ball, stood there - meaning i had to track back to defend - which is something i rarely do and you could see the regulars getting a little pissed.
Anyhow, with 5 minutes left, and us being 7-1 down, the organiser announced that the next goal is worth 7 goals. After hitting the ball over the secure fence about 4 times and my legs near enough stopping working. Captain midfield was still stuck in his pit of er, and me running box to box to compensate and starting to hurt. Anyhoo - a fantastic cross later and being in the right place at the right time, I managed to hook a ball from the right wing into the left hand corner of the goal - making it 8-7. Although the organiser tried to deny all knowledge of the "next goal is worth 7" - based on the fact he was on their team - you can agree, that is goal #55 - "Scoring the winning goal" completed.

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