Friday, September 09, 2005

Beer -> Cocktail -> Beer -> Shots -> Alcohol Based Coma

Rich invited me out to a leaving do in town lastnight - with an added twist - the venue was Bar 44 at 8.30pm (20.30 - damn canadians) - but Rich had arranged to meet "someone" for a quick drink before hand. I'd invited Blunty out for a spot of food and beer, but due to us both being a little busy, that didnt happen, so ended up meeting Captain Ireland down the Jug around 20:40 - had a quick pint and wandered up. Rich was there with some boarding management people (basically Project Managers, without process and procedures and without a clue), with a grin the size of Africa and a cocktail in his hand.
I noticed a couple of people I recognised, Rich said it wasnt them, but I kept at it - eventually Rich betting a round (or Johno's betting slip) that it wasnt them, with comments such as, "Thats just a fat lookalike" - eventually, Rich lost the bet - when our group was staring at them all and she turned around waving. So Rich got a round of cocktails in for us all, and we spotted the lovely Student Sarah at the cocktail bar, where Johno planted the seeds of ther rumourplant, stating that Rich was on a date and she was in the bar - of course, students being students, spread this around - without Rich knowing.
We had a couple more cocktails, the jazz piano dude was getting funkier, myself and rich decided to act backing singers for a while which was a laugh, then we drank our drinks and went out seperate ways - the Leaving group going to a club, and the usual suspects going to the Well. By this point I could barely stand anyhow, so tried to keep my mouth shut, which never works - so we had MSR, Vodka etc til they called last ordered there - and we headed home.
Rich said that the lovely Sarah had IM'd him at 09:01 asking who his date was, so he was already on the warpath at home by the time I got into Johno's office to see how he was. The lovely Sarah was giggling already so decided to call Rich and take the piss a little more, asking him how his date went and sarah was asking more questions. Rich's rant turned into something that would normally get an 18 rating at film level - so much so, I placed him on speaker phone and the whole office laughed - then *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* as Rich hung up in a bad bad mood.
Fun, and technically he didnt go on a date or try tapping - for a change.

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