Friday, September 02, 2005

Curry Club, Beer Club, Fight Club

I ended up drinking half a bottle of wine that Captain Rich brought me back from Germany or somewhere via some 12th level of Hell. First sip and mouth full was like paint stripper, but as with most beverages, it soon went down well, so laughing all the way to the alcohol bank, I ended up playing til none o'clock with simcity 4 again, taking my city from passionate hub of profit and industry to some sham ran global corporation, taking short cuts, sacking people and taking out key people.
The normal day was a little slow to start off with - keeping in touch with my core guys, well technically one of them had a day off and Bruce keeps me sane, so him being in the office was a plus. We tend to talk crap, he makes light humour of things ( the way I used to be, before I lost my humour and true grin) so really does keep me on the straight and narrow.
Fursal, big breasted tho he is, is a nice chap, and it was his last day, so drove over to Warwick after a barrage of abuse about my new car. I drove past Warwick's site, expecting to miss them, sadly drove past them, discovering that my new car horn is the gayest one in the world - I wont be using that in future - just my vocal cords and my over use of the abusive oxford dictionary. Where in reality, I should have just stopped, took the piss and parked up in the bus stop and went along with their banter. There was beverage (which I didnt do), food and cheer - I even saw Captain John H at the bar with his colleagues. I left after an hour or so and went back home - only to be faced with bright sun shine so worked outside for 30 mins.
Debbie engaged in Happy Friday convo - something I havent done for a week or so, and was pretty up for it, after the week I had - so agreed to meet her and John H down a curry house. Apparently John was still out in town on the booze, so we agreed we would walk down together - only to recieve a phone call on the way - John being drunk, introducing himself as John and he would be joining us soon.
We had a lovely meal, joined by SUPER Gary and his missus, where we moved onto the Jug where PFH and JV ( technically at that point the most unhappiest man in the world ) joined us for a happy happy beverage, then later on by Rich. SUPER Gary, MC and Happy Happy JV decided to be the gayest of the gay and go home - where Rich, myself John and Debbie continued drinking none gay drinks. Rich left, due to the fact felt light headed and we followed closely behind.
We got back to the housing - where we watched for 5 mins, while two renagade groups from across the road kicked the 256 shades of shit out of each other. The cops turned up in their CCTV van, off loaded some "troops" and then the van just fucked off, leaving their men in the field of action. When the troops didnt come back and loads of people were speaking in dodgy lingo ("flat beats, armagedon on the streets") we decided to part ways and go home.
Well, interesting nights, lets see what happens after the standard closing standard time regulation stops.
PS car still there

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