Friday, September 16, 2005

Nomes, Andy P & Pizza

For one reason and another, its been a while since I've caught up with Nomes and Andy P - mainly with working away from the office and those guys trying to buy a lovely house together - so we've been like ships in the night. I asked if they fancied a nice night out with Captain Steve, to catch up on gossip, relax and catch up - and really, all in the name of having some food and some beer.
We'd arranged to meet in the Lounge, where the lovely barmaid was very chatty and friendly while I waited for them. We had a quick beverage and got chinwagging - then all three of us needed food - so we decided to pop over to Zizi Zizi's for a pizza. We got there and opened the door, seeing about 8 or 9 tables empty, we grinned to each other thinking we were going to get fed pretty quickly. The night was a little funny, it was wet, but warm, it was also very quiet, the assumption was that the students that have come back home over the summer had left, yet the new allocation of students this year, were either not here, or up at the uni.
Anyhoo, the waiter at the door announced that it was going to be aboout 20 mins for a table - because we hadnt booked. We looked at him and laughed and semi pointed at the sea of empty tables - but he still said to come back in 20 mins time. We werent having that - so we ended up buggerig off down to Pizza Express, where we had a fab meal, chinwag and view of lovely looking females - purr.
Rich called me, to see if we fancied meeting him for a quiet drink in the Jug, of course, we were still eating, so he came and joined us in Pizza Express, then we did eventually venture over to the Jug and Jester for a couple of quiet ones.
John, Debbie, PFH and Super Gary joined us, just as Rich, Nomes and Andy P were leaving (Rich managed to spawn another lift home) - the lads had some pretty bad business / job related news that day, so they were on a mission to drink it out of their system - some more than others as they acted the goat a little too much. Anyhoooo, we discussed the different street names of Leamington Spa, and how they are pronounced different ways, depends on where you come from originally in the country.

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