Sunday, September 11, 2005

MR East BENNders

What a strange and wacky world we live in - however strange, it all links into one thing - complete chaos. I sat down with my Sunday Lunch, switched on the TV and watched the replay of eastenders, grinned and sat back on the sofa. I was so engrossed in the sunday roast, that I heard a voice from on the TV - not a usual character, but something that took me back to my childhood.
I thought for a couple of minutes, removing the cobwebs from my brain, drilling back into my child hood memories, to find out that the chracter on Eastenders, was actually the voiceover to Mr Benn, Ray Brooks.
Lucky the BBC have provided a clip, ON-LINE, for you to jig your memory too. For those who wish to take their obsession with Eastenders that little bit further - or to scare colleagues in the office, they've provided us with a wallpaper to the Millers

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