Sunday, September 18, 2005


First song I listened too on iTunes this morning, was SMILE, by Supernaturals - today is the biggest game in the season for NUFC - we loose - we sack our manager (with a bit of luck), and still remain 1 point above the dirty mackem scummers. and 3 points adrift of the above pack. Once again, finding out that they sold me doubles lastnight, I was feeling a bit crap - bit stillll smiling.
I was about to put muffins under the grill to have some nutella - mm - when John (from next door) asked if I fancied going into town for lunch. After a shower and a change of clothes, my eyes started to see thru the slits - and met J&D on the street. We ended up in Toyk - first time I've been there and was very suprised how nice it was. I ended up having a breakfast muffin, which had fried egg ( not had for eons ), sausage, bacon and muffins (still makes me laugh) in the background - they had keane playing, so was pretty relaxing for a sunday "morning". After we all finished up, we went our seperate ways, J&D went to tesco's, I went back home to release the back and white strip for the first time this season in the public house. I ended up in the Well, Rich was gonna come over, but was with captain happirous, but was faced with student geordie folk - who were very friendly, looked after my pint.
After 45 mins of misery, abusive texts from Mike and Pippa about the state of the football club, we ended up 0-0 - thats 3 goals less than I expected to our disadvantage. Shearer scored a freekick at the edge of the box, then Owen scored while lighing a smoke to make it 2-0.. Captain Charles N'Zogbia scored a fantastic goal from close range, beating the keeper one on one. At that point Captain Johno joined me, we had a couple of pints and watched the Saints -v- Derby game - and we retired to our homes for 0.0000003 nano seconds, where we ended up in the pig and fiddle.
Getting into the pig is a different world - they are about to release the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe near Xmas - go to the Pig - its a different world altogether - without lions, witches or wardrobes. There was alot of people asking where I was from, what my name, and on England (got a funny look) and Steve - I was pronounced "one of them" after Saint Stephen. No, I dont know either!!
We ended up in the well, a little half cut, and listened to the end of the quiz. Ooffii (purr) was celebrating her birthday, so got her a drink in and we eventually had to leave, before a) I fell off the pool table after grinning so much or b) Captain John could see again thru the medium of finger puppets (Rich, did you take them with you??)
Anyhoo, somehow, I managed to walk home with a flatcap (no, I dont know either) and decided to update blog and sip Morgan Spiced Rum - mmm - this time, its the stuff that J&D brought back from america for me.
Anyhoooooooooooooo, 3 points, more than 3 pints, we've more than doubled our current goal tally, in 15th - and we now have a leading goal scorer of more than 1 - life is rosey.
Ironically, one of the last songs of the day - SMILE - oh, and I am for more than one reason!

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