Sunday, September 04, 2005

Messing about on the river II

After rushing around town to get ready for a) the England International and b) Blunty's Birthday Bash on the River over in Warwick - I managed to pick up the vital supplies - consisting of food, beer, pirate hats. On the way back, I managed to get fly-by abuse from Rich's mate Aido, claiming the Jebus Bus in Leam Park was mine. Outwitted by his Cannon and Ball sense of humour, I could only tell him to go screw himself as I ran in the opposite direction.
Popped the food home, then met Captain Rich in the Well for England International misery, where we won 1-0 against the Wales. On the way back, managed to bump into an old friend of mine, Lynne, who's getting married in a couple of weeks time - who claimed that I put a little bit of weight on - cheers, but ironically, she's lost loads - damn you weight loss plans!
Anyhow, after shamming around for a bit, we decided the mode of transport to Warwick would be the train, and arranged to meet at 18:55 to get the 19:01 over to the next town and walk over to St Nick's Park. On our trip, there were kids obviously dodging the ticket money and the bloke caught them, using is as prime examples of upstanding members of the community. "These gentlemen's fares go up because of you kids" - which we laughed at - hugging our two bags packed full of booze.
Anyhooo, we get over to the boat house, dump out food and beer off, grabbing a can each and then pop out onto the river for a mooch around. Blunty decided he was going to row, after all it was his birthday, so who are we to argue?! I took the chance to take some photos from river level, almost twisting and breaking my spine in 3824.3 places by leaning on my stomach at pointing the camera at the local scenary. Blunty got bored and decided to go back ashore - and fetch us replacements, then myself and Rich went out on the river again, talked about random stuff, mainly about injustices of the world #434b to #762a, supped more beer and moaned how the "nights are drawing in quicker".
View of Warwick Castle from the River

Rich - Keeper of the BBQ, still mystified by fire

We managed to get back ashore safely, dodging swans, angry fishermen and general abuse for people old and wearing pirate hats. The BBQ was already up and running and as hot as the sun, so I bunged some burgers on the grill and supped some more beer. Banter was good, some scary man was juggling balls, beer flowed, but no sign of the nurses blunty had a) promised and b) used as a tool to convince people to turn up!

Me, Hail to the Bus Driver !!

As the night wound down a little, blunty put some of his music on - to which Rich moaned asking for "some music with words" and "Blunty, you're music is shit, what is this w*nk" which then led to the Killers being played on the "HiFi" system. Blunty's mp3 player looked almost like his phone, just not as big, and probably with more battery life - oh, how the jokes still turn up.

Dance music Blunty? or you dancing to Cotton Eye Joe?

The night slowed right down, so myself and Rich decided to be proactive. Armed with our pirate hats on our head, we booked a taxi to Leam, to drink ourselves daft(er) in the Well. We turned up and the taxi was there waiting for us, and we nearly scared the living daylights out of the bloke, and that had nowt to do with the pirate hats, then he saw the pirate hats and laughed. He then went on to tell us stories about

  • Taxi driving is dangerous, he knew someone who had been killed in her taxi, and someone who cant walk anymore
  • How he kicked the 256 shades of crap out of someone because the lads were taking the piss and called him fat
  • How he doesnt like violence, but if we attempted to do a runner on the fare, he would hunt us down for the rest of our lives (not really)

Anyhoo, we got into the Well, and took the normal position at the bar and had a chin wag - only to attract strange and mad looking lads who kept asking questions about me owning a farm in cornwall ( I think it was me doing ARRRR pirate noises, rather than OOOH ARRRR farming noises ). Rich went to the toilet, only to be abused left right and centre by anyone, and came back a shell of a man, where as I was feeling argumentative, so decided to see what would happen if I went. I was greated with "Nice hat mate, looks good on you" and "Cut up him with a rusty razor" - although one bloke just looked at me in the bogs, never a good thing - believe me.

Anyhoo, after so much booze i could barely stand and talk, we decided to call it a night - only to bump into the lovely Rachel and the lovely Jess - where I probably didnt make any sense what so ever.

Currently in a hungover state and unable to do anything proactive - might go back to bed for a while

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