Monday, September 05, 2005

PSP me up

I've had a number of "caller withheld" calls on my mobile lately, and while in the middle of doing some important PD at work, I recieved another - I answered it and was about to give someone a mouthful. Just as well I didnt, it was the nice chaps from Game telling me that, although I had placed my name on the 2nd batch for the PSP (due to be in at the end of this month), they had a number of cancellations and my name was bumped up available if I wanted it. I must admit, I wasnt 100% sure about getting it - 159 quid (paid 20 quid deposit a couple of weeks ago) plus the cost of a game etc etc.
Anyhooo, after I finished gaying around with the pro's and con's - I decided to get it anyway. So I left work a little early, popped into town, and purchased something which I can only explain as pure craftsmanship. Its not as good as the iPOD, however, its pure class.


Woah, Rad. Duuude, wheres my game!

I picked up Tony Hawk's (not the comedian, the skater) at a special price because I bought the device, seemed only natural really and headed home with a glint of joy in my eye. Read the manual, worked out I hadnt put the battery in, put the battery and charged it up. When I went back to it, the light had gone out, assumed it was nice and funky and inserted the new firmware disk in upgrading it to 2.0. It blocks out the ability to run emulators (Rich has emulators on his and looks nice), but comes with a funky web browser and fixes alot of stuff by the looks of things.
Anyhoo, managed to get the wireless internet access sorted - used the browser to checkout a little slow - but hey, as a friend of mine says, "if you want to look at the web, buy a computer"
Conclusion - completely ace, cant wait for Grand Theft Auto to come out and get some wireless gaming going

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