Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why oh Why oh Why!

Happy Friday continued as per normal lastnight, this time venturing to Pizza Express, then the usual haunt for wine. John didnt want a heavy night - due to the fact I think he burnt his candles enough lastnight going clubbing with the usual suspects (where as I was a good boy and skipped). However, after our first bottle of wine, I half expected John to pack up and go home - yet, he suggested we had another bottle of wine while he had a pint (medicinal, I assume).

When I returned home, I found a bottle of open wine from the night before and as it was only one glass full in total, I thought it would be a great idea - then came the 25 year old whisky and then the MSR. I then woke up around 2am on the sofa from an alcohol related coma to crawl into bed and fall asleep - with a huge beating head.
I woke up just after 11 from a text from Debbie asking if I wanted to go to the gym, flash backs of me suggesting we went swimming and gym'ing to be healthy from a conversation lastnight occurred - always bad. Bad Steve, no biscuit! I should learn to keep schtum - always when drinking. I sent one back saying no, but after sniffing my freshly brewed tea, I decided it was a good idea. I done some weights, and smashed my arm in a little more - though it didnt hurt as much as the other day. I then done some treadmill gubbins and putting it on level 9 (out of 12) - and managed 4 mins - although doing 1/3 of a mile in less time than normal. After feeling SOO dry and hungover from the night before, I joined Debbie in the swimming pool - managed 9 lengths and hopped into, what could have been the worst room you can think of going into when you're dry and hungover - the Sauna. Although it did make me chuckle when I saw it was made my Sven Sauna's - how stereotypical can you get ?!?
We then spent about 40 mins driving around Leamington, trying to get to Subway to get my lunch - only to find 98% of the roads blocked, closed or packed full of traffic. Nevermind 1 hour til the Brakes play in the FA CUP Prim 2nd round! yay!

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