Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rich on *ANOTHER* holiday - BYE THEN

I felt rough from the night - a combination of thai food, wine and then - somehow, getting back and playing Colin McCrae Rally when blind drunk, then watching Scrubs Vol II til 2am. I recieved a text from EEN at 05:00 which disrupted my sleep and I felt like death warmed up.
After reading the news ONLINE I ended up popping into town, to grab some weekly food - ended up "passing" someone "unprofessional" in the street, and when I mean pass, it was pass, no eyes, no smile, no nod - just passing - great - so fuck that, fuck it all. Anyhoo, popped into town, bumped into a couple of friendly faces, no passing, bumping - which makes a nice change.
It was a swift in and out operation, I wanted to spend the afternoon to myself - football, PSP, sitting in the sun, listening to music - grinning like a fool - if I wanted too. Still no text from Sarah sadly, obviously she doesnt know there is a PM in Wharton world - but hey - balls in her court.
Although I did receive a text message from someone who told me to fuck off a couple of days ago, asking, since we "passed" in town, would we like to meet up - fuck that, fuck that for a right game of soilders. In between that, cleaning up and sorting myself out for the weekend, I recived two calls - I assume either to tell me to fuck off again, or asking me if I still wanted to meet up. Her secret will remain with me to my grave, it really will, but I'm not being fucked over again.
Rich was due to go on holiday tomorrow, and although he's been a little off colour, I thought it was only tradition to take him out for a couple of beers before hand - after all, if we went on holiday he'd come back "in pieces" according to a colleague of ours. Anyhoo, we ended up in the Well for a change, and propped up the bar ordering pints, which then went to shots, not knowing that when we ordered rounds, they were giving me doubles - nice - no, really. We had a good laugh, both myself and Rich didnt want a heavy night, mainly coz rich would have to sleep in his suit case as it was on his bed. So at the point where he couldnt "take anymore", sipping move of his "remaining" beverage and I'd sprayed him with my remaining MSR with DC laughing at him - we departed.
I ended up watching three episodes of scrubs, before I was about to pass out in a coma, not knowing what I had drank, who I spoke to on MSN or how many trees I had ran into in Colin Mc. Still ended up in bed with a huuuge smile on my face tho - interesting song stuck in my head tho - Barenaked Ladies and If I had a Million Dollars - still stuck in my head now - even had to download it from iTUNES. If I Had $1000000, I'd buy you a monkey (haven't you always wanted a monkEEE?)

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