Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Magic, Of the Cup!

Yesterday was the 2nd round prim of the FA Cup against Oadby- and John & Debbie give me the nod and a wink that it was going to be pretty busy, so we needed to set off earlier than normal - to ensure we got a space, both in the car park and at the match. We got there pretty early and had vital "close to the exit" car parking spaces and due to the fact that John's mate Steve S, and Ian Hogster joined us, we had to take two cars - John parked close to mine - to test the sliding door / exit protocol with the Brakes Bus II. Forgetting he still had to open his doors, he squeezed his stomach in a little more than he needed too and shoe horned himself out between two wing mirrors.

We got to the match and was glorious sunshine, and the cardboard FA cup was in place next to all the flags at the backend of the ground. It soon filled up, and the practice pitch was being used as a car park - and yet, people still came in. I saw Jim who I play Thursday football with, who gave his Cov ticket away to come see the magic of the cup. When we had diet coke to drink, we estimated the attendance - it appears that my guess was FOUR (4) out from the total given at half time - good guess huh ?

Anyhoo, kick off went, and it just so happens that a number of times when I've been to get chips from the burger van, the Brakes have scored. I joked about this and went on my way with a skip in my step - just as I got served, the Brakes scored - thats 3 goals I've missed due to chips! (not the american police show). Anyhoo, the usual happened, the Brakes took their foot off the peddle (well, the Brakes) and ended up conceeding a goal.

Anyhoooo, final score - 2-2 and a replay on Tuesday up and Oadby. My opinion - should have been resolved in the first half. Match report can be found here and noticed that there is an update on the new official website here

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