Saturday, September 17, 2005

Jacket, Shirt and Thai

I had Friday off - a well deserved rest for the amount of crap that I've been through lately, so it was fantastic to hear people stamping feet upstairs from me at such an early hour. I rolled over and went to bed for about 45 nanoseconds, then decided to get up for breakfast, a cup of tea, then read the newspapers online.
I then popped into town, I was going to go to the gym, but after pulling my hamstring after Thursday night football, I was in a little pain. Anyhoo, I found series two of scrubs and had to purchase that - making the dark autumn evenings a little more humorous.

I also found a film that I've been waiting to come out on DVD for a long time - The Breakfast Club - fantastic 80s movie


I also purchased a suit jacket type thing from GAP to look casual smart when out having beverages in town - and also I refuse to wear coats, so I thought a jacket would be a gobetween.

I'd sent a text to Sarah this morning, to see if she fancied meeting up for a coffee, however, she tends to switch her phone off and not read messages for days on end, so sadly that didnt work out, although when I did get a reply, she suggested coffee on saturday morning. Yes, thats correct, apparently there, is, an AM on saturday!! I always thought that time frame was used to recover from awful hangovers from the night before.
Anyhooooooooooooooooooooo, I got back home, picked up my two new PSP games from Scott from codemasters, where he managed to get them on the cheap. Rich got a copy too, so that we can look at wireless gaming - although, TOCA Racin Driving 2, and Colin McCrea Rally - is solid as a rock - and we're not talking about 80s music here.

Debbie MSN'd me to see if I fancied going out with her and John for a Thai meal - I really do love Thai - esp at the Thai Elephant - once of my fav places in the world - so agreed, and we got up there about 7:45 (after dropping games off in the jug and jester to Rich). The Thai Elephant is normally very busy due to its reputation, so I said I would attempt to put my puppy dog eyes on, to see if we could get in - strangely enough, for the first time in years, they actually worked - giving us 5 mins before a table would be ready. After 30 seconds, we were taken downstairs - and ordering beverages - we ordered food and it all came very very quickly. I had some Chicken stripped spicy stuff (number 40 on the menu) which made my mouth burn, my eyes go red, and allow me to speak in tongues.
Once we finished up there, we popped back to the Jug for a couple of bottles of wine - laughed, carried on and discussed Iceland (the country, not the supermarket). Still sporting my new jacket, we returned back to the Canal House and went out seperate ways. I poured myself the biggest Morgan Spiced Rum with Coke Zero (American Diet Coke that John and Debbie brought me back) and tucked into disk 1 of Scrubs Vol II - blinked and it was 02:00 - then went to bed

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