Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Nice Brakes, Nice Jugs!

Yesterday was a strange day in its own right, all week I havent slept very well due to stress and drinking til 1am and expecting to be completely OK in the morning. I got stitched up at Monday Lunch time with a nice visit to a customer site in Nottingham and had to be there first thing Tuesday morning. I tried to get away from going up, using my business head and my common sense head - but failed Last time I went up there - it took 3 hours and now with some of the kids back at school and uni, I thought I would take this into consideration. Up at 06:15, in Warwick to pick up the hire car for 7:30, I was sitting at my desk in Nottingham, tired looking and working with a nice brew of tea in my hands. Anyhoo, I had my meetings, and set off knowing that this petrol sham would hit at some point ( we have to refuel the hire cars, or we get charged an arm and a leg by the hirecar people). By the time I get to Warwick and passed two petrol stations, both with "Fuel Sold Out" signs, I give up and drop the car, pick my car up and head back home.
I got back home, working out I had 30 mins to get changed, something to eat and pick Debbie, John and John's mate up and take them up to the New Windmill ground. Rich was due to come up with us, but got the feeling when I spoke to him on the phone in the car, that a) he would go straight to bed or b) end up in the Pig with Johno, getting boozed up watching Champions League * football - he really sounded hacked off
* Warning : Champions League Football excludes Newcastle & Chesterfield
Anyhoo, after taking one bite from my sandwich, I was getting hassled so just left it, I was very close to just dropping out, but thought it would do me some good to get some freshair and release my frustration, stress and anger on the lino, ref, or some left back opposition. We got up there and I purchased a Leam FC ar sticker for my Brakes Bus II - yet to be applied and we took our usual positions, John reading his newly purchased programme, Debbie stood next to him and me trying to find the fit birds in the crowd.
Brakes were playing Causeway, and had a couple of games in hand, so it was imperative they started climbing the league table and scoring goals. After 14 mins, we went one nil up, but done the usual thing of as soon as we scored, took of foot off the pedal and let the opposition take over again. Luckily for us, we defended pretty well and after some frustrating play, went 2-0 up, before they pulled one back. We made it 3-1 in the second half, with some terrible scrappy football, and even worse referring decisions which not only stopped the flow of the game, but became a joke to the locals as he was giving totally the wrong decision. Although the chairman came around and spoke to the locals, giving the ref his "unbiased" opinion on a few things - which is one thing I'd like to see at NUFC - the people at the top, listening to the people at the bottom - afterall, we pay their wages.
We left the new windmill and dropped John and Debbie off at the Jug, with an invite once I parked Thunderbird III - so I thought why not - however, the lack of sleep, huge amount of stress and little food hit me, when after starting my third pint, I felt vr light headed - and I was only drinking Carling - fantastic, not been like that since I was 14.

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