Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who put on the brakes ?

Lastnight we went up to see the brakes play, not only was it Tuesday night, but we also had our own "glory hunter in tow". A couple of weeks ago, you may or may not remember, but Rich claimed that I was a glory hunter for supporting my grass roots football team, however, Rich decided to make an appearance this season. I picked him, John and Debbie up in the "team bus" and headed up to the New Windmill ground, so we could have a scan at what they had in the "club shop". By all accounts, not very much as no orders had been placed due to some admin sham.
Anyhoo, the Brakes scored after 2 mins thanks to some lovely dipping shot from the edge of the box - however, rather than pressing on, the brakes, er well, broke. The attractive football from the first couple of weeks in the season had stopped, and it was route 1 football all over the gaff. Even the start to the seaon I've had, I had to look away once in a while.
Anyhoo, into the 2nd half, we moved to the other end only to stand next to some of the locals who must have followed the club for eons. They spoke about the brake's first defeat of the season saturday gone and the strattford game, where for some reason, Rich managed to control the convo. We didnt have this - and managed to put Rich in his place by telling them all about the "glory hunting tales" and how this was his first game of the season.
Things were getting a little frustrating for the locals, and it became known that the locals didnt really like the Brake's manager due to his lack of tactics (not tic tacs) and his inability to play players in their correct positions, play old school players instead of fit youngsters who can control the park. However, he manages to pull some "parting of the sea" every season to impress the board
It also became apparent that the light humoured New Windmill also has a dark side - with rival fans chanting at one another due to their positions - all very strange, but amusing - "You're young and stink of piss" was one of the chants from the older section of the crowd - nice.
Anyhoo, we managed to get a scrappy win, winning 1-0, which sometimes you have to do once in a while. Rich had two hotdogs, tho I'm not supposed to say that.

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