Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cricket - I dont like it, I hate them

For the last 2 months, I've had the quote from Rich of "Cricket, I dont like it, I love it" - and it was getting a little annoying - but hey, we all have to put up with him.
Anyhooo, for the last three nights, I've been in my kitchen, and heard some funny noise, like a violin or scratching - so came to the conclusion that some insect, or bird had managed to get trapped between the floorboard from upstairs and the raised ceiling in my kitchen - and technically it would eventually die or something. I tried pin pointing exactly where this noise was, esp thursday night when I got in blind drunk - but ended up talking to the picture frames instead.
I stayed in lastnight, had a bottle of wine, talked to Teacher Helen on MSN, then sat down to watch the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on DVD (the film, not the TV Series) - and thought while the "up and coming films" was playing, I could get myself comfy and ready for bed - and I was feeeling slightly drunk.
I got to the bathroom and this violin/scratching noise was getting louder - then all of a sudden, this cricket/grass hopper looking insect hopped around the corner. After waving my fist and talking to him for about 10 mins, grinning and giggling, I decided setting him free would be the David Bellamy way of thinking, so paper, glass, and patio later, he was free to jump for freedom.
Peace and Quiet now ... MMM ... just hope the poor little bugger didnt jump into the canal

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