Friday, September 09, 2005

Utility Mathematics

I've had a few things on my mind of late - so the post has built up from the last couple of days - after putting my PSP down for 5 mins, I've eventually looked at the "important" looking letters. These being the electricity, the gas and and car insurance - and it roughly breaks down as follows
  • I currently owe the electric £198
  • The gas company owe me £103 in credit
  • The Insurance people are supposed to owe me £500 - but have refunded me some money and reduced my premiums (to pay 11 quid a month).
All very confusing - time for some consolodation of debts with one utility company I think. Although I do have to say, with all the offshoring call centres, I got speaking to a very nice lass at the electricity board called Kate, who had a very sexy voice and was very charming. Not exactly a situation to ask if she was single, where she lived and was she foxy or a munter.

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