Thursday, September 01, 2005

Behold - the car of the future - today!

I was up at the crack of dawn today (wasnt she a lucky girl - gfwar gfwar) to pick up my new toy. I test drove the new Peugeot 1007 a couple of sundays ago, and placed a deposit - only for them to suggest it might not be available til the end of Sept due to high demand. I was nicely suprised last Friday when they called up, telling me if they get the car down from scotland in time - then it will be ready to collect on the 1st (today) or maybe a couple of days after that. After spending most of friday on the blower to insurance people and the bank, I had everything in place.
I arranged to pick the car up at 07:45 this morning, hopefully able to use it to get to 5aside football at lunch time - and indeed getting into work. The handover went perfectly, paid for the balance on my switch card, and drove back home to get changed and pick up my bag for work - seeing next door John, I offered him a lift (first official passenger) into work and give him the opportunity to see the car in the flesh (metal). I got the feeling he wasnt too convinced about it - but appeared to like it afterwards.

Something the Jetsons would drive ?
After faffing around at work, playing football and getting back home to complete my working day, only to be faced by the usual piss take and abuse from the comedy club (Rich, Johno, Blunty and the Breastman of Surf, Fursal). This didnt bother me, it was more the fact I was baby sitting people's problems at work and being stitched up once again for work that doesnt concern me. I took Rich out for a drive around town, and further a field, and after the piss take - was very close to dropping him off at Harbury to teach him a lesson.
Anyhoo, regardless of what anyone says about my new motor, I like it, I like it alot - and with the added bonus of it being cheap to run, cheap to insure and cheap monthly payments


Richard H said...

2 words boss: "Sunshine Bus"

Steve Wharton said...

Two Words - "Fucking Cock"

Rob said...

Sadly disapointed, when Fursal told me of your new purchase I assumed it'd be red so you'd look like postman pat in his van.

I'd suggest you sell it and get a red one, then we can point and laugh.

Steve Wharton said...

Shut up you ginger headed freak!

Suprised you didnt squeek when you wrote that, or were you not boozed up enough?

Rob said...

I decided to hold out on the squeaking until a master of wit and repartee showed up. You'll notice I'm still waiting.

Steve Wharton said...

you squeeked lastnight, didnt you bob ?!?