Saturday, October 01, 2005

exercise! great for the soul, and so is a bottle of wine

I somewhat stupidly agreed to meet debbie down the gym after work lastnight, in an attempt to tone myself up a little more. I've already played football for 2.5 hours this week, and due to feeling a little under the weather on monday/tuesday, I never attended the gym then. Pretty impressive, even tho my shins were completely in pain and agony, I still managed to score 4 goals within 2 games, one was a 25 yarder which I managed to connect very sweetly - mmm sweets.
Anyhoooo, as the stress of Friday went on ... I was looking more and more forward to getting down the pub and getting lashed up - however, true to my word, I headed up to the gym for the agreed 4pm - only to find that debbie wasnt there - grrr.
I managed to knock another 20 seconds off my running a mile - which pleased me, then headed to the jacuzzi and sauna to chill out, still no debbie. After 5 mins in the sauna and temperatures of 110 oC+ I returned to the pool area, only to see Debbie there, laughing at my some what red face. I done some weights after the running, so swimming was a little painful - and the effects of being pushed onto my back on wednesday night was starting to toll.
Anyhoo, we discussed what healthy happy friday should be based around, and we decided, that we should give Zizzi Zizzi's another try after the last attempt of being told to come back even tho there were spaces and spare tables. We done just that, again, told that we would have to wait to up to 30 mins - even tho there were around 5 spare tables, becare they were "booked". We politely told the bloke to fuck off, then headed to Ask Pizza place, and had a lovely meal there.
After the meal and being forced not to have ice cream, John, Debbie and I headed back to the bottom of town, and the Jug and Jester, where Rich turned up to join a sociable one. Rich and John discussed the robot's name from battle of the planets (nono or something) while sporting their geeky tshirts (Ocean and Space invaders). Loads of lovely attractive students now piling in - although lastnight was about relaxing.
We returned back to Canal House Luxury apartments * to find some chav tucking into a plastic bag full of booze (Primus I think) and when he got the hint, he moved on to somewhere else. A park, or down by the canal probably - joined by all the other Leam Chavs. I had some Morgan Spiced Rum - then entered a Coma

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