Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ecky Thump - Just what to do ?!?

Next weekend, Leamington FC play Ossett Town in the 4th Qualifying round of the FA Cup - just outside of Leeds, my old stomping ground many years ago. So I'm a bit of a pickle to what to do. I have a couple of days left in holiday from work - so could take Friday and Monday off, and spend time around the place, and with John and Debbie visiting John's folks straight after the game, I've come to the following options.
  • Drive up and Drive back down after the game
  • Stay in Leeds friday and catch up with some old friends around Horsforth and Pudsey
  • Go up to newcastle friday, come back saturday via Ossett
  • Go to Ossett, then up to newcastle - come back Monday
  • Go up with Bluntarian and Headworth and sham around Leeds and try showing them around my old places

One thing is for sure, I do miss the damp wooden smell of Headingly - esp this time of the year.

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