Monday, October 10, 2005

Anger Management - Stefan Style

Another stressful morning, however, rather than taking it out on my PC, colleagues or randomly abusing people - I decided to use it to my advantage and take it out on the gym kit - after all, I pay 30 odd quid a month for the priv of a building being there. Over the last 3 years of gyming, I've done a "12 minute running/walking/run every minute program" and eventually just gets a little boring. I wanted to get a little more stamina in my legs so I could run around in football for longer, faster and not be completely worn out at the end.
Next to the 12 minute program, there was a 24 minute program, so assumed it was similar, however, 4 mins into the new program, I was well into some cross country exercise - with steep inclines, quick drops simulated by the running machine. I dont pretty well, got up to 22 mins without stopping, but needed a break as it went into its final decline - or I would have just fallen off the machine - so there you go, nearly 3 mile in 24 mins and the back of my leg muscles aching.
When I got back, I had the offer for an offsite meeting down the boozer - however, sticking to diet soft drinks, I was starving and tucking into a bacon and melted cheese sandwich at The Cape - MMM - it was nice, but didnt really feel the benifit of the exerise.
Anyhoooo, when I got back to my gaff, I closed the front door, knacking the lock - and having to spend 20 mins fixing that - obviously finding strength I never knew I had. Once I returned to my laptop to work - I felt slightly more relaxed and hardly any vains popping out of my forehead - although, they some how moved to my legs :o/

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