Friday, October 28, 2005

clean becomes the unclean

Bloody typical isnt it. I took Monday and Tuesday off work to chill and relax, and as soon as I get to bed on Sunday night I knew something was up. My throat started to tighten up and breathing was a little difficult - this continued for a couple of days until Wednesday morning when, after 3 hours sleep, I returned to work feeling like a sack of potatos - dont ask me what it feels like - no idea, just making an assumption.

Anyhooo, it Warburton's moment of madness with Wednesday night football - where I decided playing football would be good for my body and help sweat the crap out of my body. After 10 mins of running around, I thought my normally healthy organs were about to fall out and someone would kick them thinking it was the football. After a 30 second moment of complete football genius, someone punted the ball over the top, with (me being onsite for a change) only a defender and keeper (annoying welsh twat) to beat - of which I did. Heading the ball around the defender, beating him without my vital organs working and sliding the ball past the keeper. Certainly one of the best goals I've every scored - considering my state of health. Even people were saying what a great goal it was - while I was trying to catch my breath - nice!

Anyhoooo, I arranged to meet Rich down the Well to watch Grimsby v Newcastle in the Carling Cup - esp after Souness announced it was going to be a big team against a big team - I was worried about getting kicked out of the cup. After a quick shower, changed and out again, my bird flu kicked in again, aided by a couple of medicinal pints of tetley and msr's - the toon strolling to a 1-0 win over 10 decent grimsby players and a thug who decided to kick the 256 shades of grey out of shearer. During the post match interviews, Shearer didnt look too chuffed, but no matter, my eyes were starting to sink and suggested to Rich that we left, before he had to carry me home.

By Thursday I had to cancel my Thursday Lunch football session as I could barely walk or last 2 seconds without coughing - and sitting in the kitchen (coldest room in the flat) with a tshirt on, shorts, and the windows wide open, sweating like something hot, in hotland. Managed to get a good night sleep lastnight tho, which made me feel a little better today - hoping tomorrow I should be OK to get into town or even to Holbeach to watch the FA Vase game!

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